What’s On: Comedy


The Albany Theatre is now open to the public after its temporary closure due to COVID-19.

As of July 2021, we are no longer obligated by law to enforce restrictions at our venue. However, the safety of our audience is our top priority, therefore, we are continuing to offer the facilities to ensure all visitors feel safe and comfortable whilst in the Theatre, as well as strongly encouraging the continuation of safety guidelines. Please see below for our updated guidance.

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5th February 2022
A show that provides a jellicle discussion about the jellicle aspects of the jellicle cats in 'Cats' and how you can apply them to your life in order to make it truly jellicle.
11th February 2022 & 19th March 2022
The Invisible Mam is the new stand up comedy show from Hayley Ellis. “Brilliantly funny and a joy to watch” – Sarah Millican
24th – 26th March 2022
Enjoy a night of fantastic comedy and great music to lift the spirits and remind us what life is all about!
27th May 2022
Paul Merton, Richard Vranch, Suki Webster, Mike McShane and accompanist Kirsty Newton are back on the road in 2022 to visit some of their favourite parts of the UK with another evening of mind-blowing improvisation.