Diverse Cultural Programme at The Albany Theatre

With the launch of our new Autumn/Winter season, we are proud to be expanding the range of exciting performances we present, offering a more diverse cultural programme at The Albany Theatre.

Our Vision at The Albany Theatre

With a bigger and better future ahead of us as a result of the redevelopment work that has just begun, we are looking to reach into communities who may not have been to our theatre before. Our vision is to promote well-being through Arts for life, as engagement in the arts is proven to be beneficial for personal health and wellbeing, social cohesion, and community development.

We believe the arts are for everyone and providing that platform for a more diverse audience and community is one of the key aims at The Albany Theatre.

Nazrana an offering by Swati Natekar

Taking place on Friday 23rd September at 7:30pm.

The voice behind hit songs like Nadia (with Nitin Sawhney), Khwaab (with Niraj Chag) & Jakatta American Dream (#3 in UK main charts), Swati Natekar is one of the most respected voices in Indian Music in The U.K.

Swati will be presenting “Nazrānā – An Offering” belonging to her roots; a very special concert comprising various Indian Music genres ranging from Semi-Classical, popular Urdu Ghazals to Classic Bollywood. Swati will be accompanied by fantastic U.K. based musicians.

Keyboard: Sunil Jadhav
Violin: Kamalbir Singh
Tabla: Hanif Khan
Guitar: Siddharth Singh

African Masquerade Tour

Zimba Lion

Taking place on Friday 14th October at 6:00pm.

Yaram Arts presents a spectacle of traditional masquerade dance followed by contemporary Congolese and Latin music!

Experience a dramatic performance of the story of ZIMBA Lion.
The ZIMBA Lion is a medieval masquerade tradition in The Gambia and Senegal, where humans ithemitate and dance as a Lion in the wild. The Spectacle is accompanied by an assortment of ‘Sabar’ percussionists that leads the masquerade artists into different dance routines.

Kinshasa to Havana in an exuberant Explosion of Sound.

Grupo Lokito fuse contemporary Congolese and Cuban music creating a modern-day cocktail of two of the great world musics. Based in London, the band features top class Congolese and Latin musicians. They have taken the UK by storm, wowing with their blistering grooves and outlandish dance moves.

Dhan Lekhari Nanka

Taking place on Saturday 10th September at 7:00pm. 

Should atrocities against any individuals, group or humanity be forgotten?

Should they be whitewashed?


Should they be exposed in their full horror and reality?

Should they be held as reminders of what cannot and should not be tolerated, forgotten or allowed to be repeated?

These are the questions faced by the writer, the main character.

Dhan Lekhair Nanka holds the audience as the stories unfold using simple but powerful dialogue, music, poetry and symbolic set designs to their full dramatic effect and power.

This play is presented in Punjabi.


Next Steps…

Please do get into contact if you have any questions about the shows above: info@albanytheatre.co.uk 


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