AYT Presents Peter Pan – Musical Madness!


Good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s Albany Youth Theatre performances! This evening our fabulous Junior and Senior groups take to the main stage as they showcase all of their hard work over the last term, you’re in for a treat!

We will be flying off to Neverland with the Juniors in their performance of Peter Pan. After the interval, Seniors will be taking us through a magical abandoned theatre, where musicals come to life in their devised piece, Musical Madness.

Both groups have worked extremely hard on these performances, coming up with creative ideas, working as a team and developing performance skills such as projection, expressions and characterisation – I am so proud of them all!

It’s been a really exciting term for AYT as we started sessions in our brand new studio space, welcomed our new facilitator Jemima, and had so many amazing new members join us!

Albany Youth Theatre is all about giving every member the opportunity to bring their imaginative ideas to life, gain and develop confidence and having the best time on stage, I hope you see through tonight’s performances how much fun we’ve had every Wednesday evening learning, developing and rehearsing together! They are such a fantastic group of young people, and it is a pleasure to have them as part of the youth theatre.

Massive thank you’s to our fab facilitator Jemima for all the wonderful sessions and support you give to every member, our volunteer assistant Atlanta for all the time, effort and energy you put it to AYT and our chaperones for all your help over the rehearsals and performances.

Parents and Guardians – I cannot thank you enough for all the support you give to me and the young people to help make evening’s like tonight possible – the help with line learning, costumes, the drop off and pick up’s to rehearsals and dealing with my endless emails and WhatsApp’s, is all so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for coming this evening, I hope you really enjoy it! 🙂

Vicky Youth Theatre Director

Alongside many of our juniors and seniors, this is my first show with the Albany Youth Theatre, and in this time I couldn’t be prouder of the work they have achieved from day one holding the script to what you see on stage today. In sessions; we have created the building blocks of performance in improv, projection, movement and character development, all of which both groups took to with impressive results.

Like all shows there were a lot of nerves coming into our performance, especially for those whose first time it is on our stage, but seeing their confidence bloom has been fantastic and has brought to life the characters on the page. The talent on this stage today is palpable, and I just wanted to congratulate both the juniors and seniors on their hard work, determination and delivering a fantastic show!

I am incredibly proud of every single one of you and can’t wait to see what wonders we produce next!

Jemima, Youth Theatre Facilitator


Peter Pan – Israel Omolabi
Wendy – Alannah DeMulder
John (Julie) – Scarlette Lilley
Michael (Michelle) – Isabella Milioto
Tinkerbell – Aoife Costello
Captain Hook – Israel Araya
Smee – Lily Bowers
Pirate – Bastian Castree
Pirate/Fairy – Scarlett Archer
Pirate/Fairy- Lily Hughes
Tinkerbell – Aoife Costello
Tiger Lily/Lost Kid – Kornelia Ptasinska
Mrs Darling/Lost Kid – Ellie Gray
Lost Kid – Emily Williams
Lost Kid – Nyah Daramola
Lost Kid – Thomas Johns
Lost Kid – Layla Atkins-Judge-Porter
Lost Kid – Isabella Davies-Fazakarley
Lost Kid – Nellie McGrory
Lost Kid – Ellie-May Robinson


Emily Abbey
Summer Abbey
Ruby Allen
Layla Ashelby
Joshua Boyd-Browne
Dakota Casler
Cassie Davies
Arlo Emmanuel
Madeleine Goodall
Emma Griffiths
Lily Handley
Rox Jefferson
Alicia March
Isabelle March
Emma Ogden
Milly O’Sullivan
Emily-Mai Parr
Esther Miguel Shodunke
Megan Stapleton
Caleb Tranter
Esme Wilson
Ella Wood
Freddy Wright
Annalise Wallace
Georgia Sanders


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