Intergenerational Women & HER lonely

Opening night Thursday 12 March 5:30pm
Film screenings and installations | International Women’s Day

Open to the public from Thursday 12 March – Tuesday 14 April – (9:30am – 13:30pm Mon – Sat Times may vary)

ART EXHIBITION – Coventry University, Final Contemporary Arts Practice Graduates, Tarla Patel and Sherrie Edgar share their joint art, photography and film exhibition for International Women’s Day.

Intergenerational Women – Tarla Patel

A personal journey of three generations of women in one family and their memories connected to home, through the personal and intimate family photographs of the Masterji photography archive. A continuous conversation explores identity from one generation to another in the physical act of wearing a sari, the 9 yards of fabric folds and twist with each memory; changing and repeating from one body to another.

The artwork evokes and reflects on the past and present. Representing the legacy of women in one family by exploring memory and space both physically and metaphorical spatiality through a story of migration and belonging. The work was created to move away from ‘women’ being the objects of history, to shaping and personalising the stories with their authorship and authentic voice.

Tarla Patel has been working in the arts for over a decade through her own photography and moreover her father’s photography exhibitions to documenting and filming collaborative projects. She is the legacy holder of her father’s Maganbhai Patel photography archive. Known as the Masterji Estate, the archive was at the forefront of the Coventry City of Culture bid 2016, which was covered worldwide in the news with exhibitions in the UK, New York, US and Mumbai, India.

Tarla work’s with analogue and digital film photography, her research is looking at representation and the other through the stories of migration and post colonisation.

Twitter: @TarlaPatel | Instagram: @t_a_r_l_a | Website: https://tarlapatel.myportfolio.com/

HER lonely – Sherrie Edgar

A series of photographs and film of women from the West Midlands experiencing loneliness and isolation. This work casts a spotlight on the untold and hidden reasons why women can be excluded from society.

The artworks are delicate portrayals of both historic and contemporary issues affecting women such as identity, sexism, belonging, relationships, stigmatization, othering, and misclassification.

Sherrie Edgar produces various artworks using film, audio, installations and photography. Sherrie’s research into the cause and effect of loneliness and isolation has generated an ongoing personal interest in developing this subject.

HER lonely is a unique approach, revealing an unexpected common thread between all the participants: creativity. This builds on her previous research of the ‘Power of Loneliness in the Arts’.
An International Changemaker for City of Culture 2021, and winner of the Coventry Art Prize in 2018, Sherrie is proactive to produce captivating artworks that relate to a diverse and unreached audience.

Twitter: @TweetSherrie | Instagram: @sherriegram | Website: www.axisweb.org/p/sherrieedgar 

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